Since a numerous generations, the Charmensat family exploits the vine on the beautiful Boudes' hill. In 1977, the year of the obtaining the V.D.Q.S. vintage, Albert the grandfather had, among the first, the idea to put the wine in bottle in order to promote it. On November 16th, 2010, we acquire the Appellation d'Origine Controllée (AOC).

The owners

Since, his son André has taken the relay with his wife Marie-Claude. Today, their girl Annie is associated with the exploitation.
Currently, the vineyard extends on 9 hectares mainly situated on the Boudes' hill oriented full south : 7 hectares transplanted from 1987 completed the 2 hectares of centenarian vines cultivated in teraces.

The village of Boudes and the vines of "Derrière les Horts"

The new plantations are faded with a density of 4000 stocks/ha. For the old vines, which are on stakes, the density is about 10000 stocks/ha.
The "Grandes Vignes" Ideally located and carefully maintened in the biggest respect of traditions and environment, stocks draw in clayed and limestone grounds all the necessary elements to a harmonious vegetation. The flavoring and the tipicity of the wines come from a slow and complete maturation of the grapes.
To the traditionnal Gamay grape, two famous Burgundian grapes are now added : the Pinot noir for the red wine and the Chardonnay for the white wine.

Since 1992, many investments have been realized.

A new vinification chai is born, completed by a bottling up room with high performance material and by a dedicated storage room.

Each place is equiped with an independant air-conditionning allowing a temperature control to within one degree.

The cellar and the stainless stell vats

  Since July 2006, a truncated cistern in oak of the forest of Tronçais makes possible to a part of the production to stay about 6 months in the wood to give it some wine savours of formerly.
A tasting vault intended for the public welcome completes this modern and functional body.

The taisting vault