Our different wines are regularly selected by the annual Hachette guide in September and during the March annual general competition of the agricultural show in Paris.


 Boudes Red 2016 "Terre d'Ocres"

Comes from an assembly of Gamay (75 %) and Pinot noir (25 %) completely picked off. It presents a nice cherry-red color. Fresh and fleshy, this pretty wine expresses by his fruit and his freshness the unique nature of the Boudes' hill. Well structured and balanced, it can be appreciated today but also in some months.

Comment of the Hachette Guide: "Gamay (70 %) is associated with the Pinot noir in this vintage which interests in its frankly mineral and peppered nose, where spices play with red berries. Fresh in attack, the mouth shows itself more structured in its development while staying on the fruit. Finale of beautiful length is marked by a touch of flint. A harmonious wine. 2016-2019. Agreement dishes-wines: grilled bib".


Boudes Red 2016 - Cuvée La Centenaire

This nice wine raised in oak barrels comes from centenarian Gamay vines in terraces, manually worked. One find the fruit and the Gamay freshness, increased by light smoked touches coming from his stay in the wood.


Boudes Red 2015- Cuvée d'Autrefois

This wine of Gamay results, in part, of a centenary vine worked in terraces. It was raised in an oak cistern like in the past. The mouth is round and reveals flavours of black small fruits.

To serve at 15° with a braised joint of beef or specialities and cheeses of Auvergne.


Boudes Red 2014- Cuvée Horts Série

It is the first harvest of this vineyard planted in Gamay in 2012. Matured grapes harvested manually in small boxes and converted into wine whole grapes by carbonic maceration.
The first comments of tasting are laudatory: supported dress with bluish reflections; complex, smoked nose, liquorice and of laurel; dense mouth, on black fruits (blackcurrant, blackberry, cherry), the caramel and the Sichuan pepper. Harmonious.

Its name: "Horts Série", comes from a named plot of land" Derrière les Horts ".

Comment of the Hachette Guide : "First harvest for these very young vinestocks of gamay ( three years) manually harvested. It gives a very pleasant wine, which involves red berries and fond notes of English candy, to the round and very drinkable palate, supported by fine and silky tannins. 2016-2019. Agreement dishes-wines: poultry".


  IGP Puy-de-Dôme Red 2016 "Confidentiel"

100% Pinot noir.Wine with a purple and brilliant dress. Nose of cherry, balsamic notes and licorice stick. Fresh mouth, with sharpness. Notes finely roasted on the ripe Burlat.


Boudes Rosé "Bout de Rose" 2016

This aromatic and sharp rosé wine results from a direct pressing of the Gamay grapes old vines. With his pale and brillant dress, it will be the ideal companion to enjoy the famous traditional delicatessens of our region. A nose of sauvignon.

Comment of the Hachette Guide : "This vintage of gamay results half from stocks more than centenaries and for other one of relatively young vineyards. After a direct pressing, it presents a pale pink dress with onion skin reflections and a well opened, rather complex nose, on the small nuanced red berries of floral notes. Highlighted by light pearling one, its liveliness in mouth is underlined by notes of citrus fruits and small acidulated berries (redcurrant). A tonic and dapper rosé. 2017-2018. Agreement dishes-wines: aspic of salmon in vegetables".


Boudes White "Initiales BB" 2016

This white fruity and mineral Chardonnay wine raises from a controled temperature fermentation and a stay on lees with regular stirring. His maturity is perfect. It can be appreciated for a drink or with a fish in sauce. You will like his balance, his fullness and his freshness.